Entry #4

MW2 - The wait is over. . .

2009-11-11 01:15:32 by rednikaiaG

/* */
Tuesday, November 10th, 2009 @ approximately 1:45 a.m.
STILL standing in line at my local Gamestop.
And all I want to do, is make Captain MacTavish, proud.

. . . . . . . There. Is that any better?
Sorry about SUCH a L--O--N--G wait for a new post (especially YOU, Stag). I know, I know, you were yawning at my old one. Drew, I know you thought it was a clusterf*ck, and it WAS. I apologize to you for that tacky habit. I'll try to work on it, Ok? I really mean it this time. *awaits the intervention ceremony* I miss the whole gang getting together via Le PC. You know, everybody, all 3 of us.

Yeah, so, that's it. That's my epic new post message. No suggestive visuals.
Just me, CoD6 Modern Warfare 2 and some meaningless random, passing thoughts. Hope I haven't disrupted anyone's realities with the bombshell of epiphanies it contains. Ha!

Yeah right, like my mind can even focus on something long enough to form thoughts containing relevance. What am I thinking? Will anyone even read this shit? I'm curious now. You know, since one of the last responses, I got on the prior *watches Stag, yawn productively* post, I've wondered about it. Maybe people really DID only reply because it was of a more perverse nature than some. Nah, that can't be. Well, I mean sure, SOME people left some messages and I never heard from then again but, for the most part, I knew all of ya. Whatever, no matter. No, no, no, I do wanna say one last thing about it and then I think I can move on to a valid point about absolutely nothing. I want to say that the most probable reason that last post had SO many replies, was simply because it was just 8 days shy of 5 freakin' months.
There. Ok. NOW, I'm done with it. Dropped. Finished, seriously.
So, until you next beg of me, to change my f*ckin' post. . .

.............Take care, be good and PRESTIGE.period

MW2 - The wait is over. . .


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2009-11-11 05:21:15

That game is art. FIRST COMMENT! Hi Gaia.

rednikaiaG responds:

If ever, there were a game, worthy to have "epic", as an adjective, it is THIS one.
FIRST REPLY! Hi to you too, PonzoBot4000.

.............Take care, be good and dedicate servers.period


2009-11-11 21:02:45

Sell out! *get off and plays some Halo*

rednikaiaG responds:

Ah shit, it's on, now, fool! Drew, I'm afraid to say, YOU'RE the sell out!
*gets off and plays some DOOM, muthaphucka*


2009-11-12 14:13:20

holy shit! you FINALLY changed it! weird, you change it as often as i change tampons. :/
well since it took you so long last time, i will badger you in advance, hoping you will change it in more reasonable time YOUNG LADY!!!!!

make a new post.

LOL, i am writing a story about a beaver! NO JOKE! lol, he gets taken to the lair of the rats and endures tickling!!!
yeah its kinda gay i guess but who cares... BEAVERS!!!!!

yeah your new post is very exciting! WOW a compute game, WOWOWOWOWOW, so fun so amusing so...................................

i hate computer games! >:<

oh well, i nearly finnished my animashunz now so i hope you will see it and enjoy it!

how have you been anywayz? i miss your chipmunk voice and giggling frequencies that only bats can hear, your warm nature and loving caring fun personality... you are awesome and my woodland friends miss you, even the mew of joy, guardian of trees and innapropriate beards.

Godbless that Gaia! ^ ^ *cute hugs*

rednikaiaG responds:

Now, now, now STAG-racer---------->
You KNOW you need to change those more often. Your chances of getting T.S.S. is much higher if you don't. :( And yes, I'm listening in advance to your plea for me to change my post more quickly than I did the last time. By the way, how long IS a reasonable amount of time to leave a post up?

A story about a Beaver, eh? Why does that not suprise me? Oh and there's a lair of rats that give out tickles, as their torturous punishment? It could be worse, I guess. I mean, they COULD put him in a metal slot box and nibble his brains and tail away until death hits. Now that I think of it, they'd have to dispose of the body if they did THAT, so tickling DOES sound a whole lot better! You'll have to let me know when it's all done. I'd LOVE to see it! You KNOW that, from my mad @ss ninja stalking skills though. :)

Hmmm, for some reason, I just KNEW you didn't care for computer games, let alone games 'o' war. Ha ha ha ha. Don't get me wrong, STAGpipe player, I love playing plenty of difffernt kinds of games. You ever heard of Little Big Planet? Oh my golly garsh, I REALLy think you'd like it. It's so fun and customizable. They don't even MAKE that for the PC, so maybe there's a chance you'd like it!

I can't WAIT to see your aniz, Lovey. And by aniz I don't mean anus, I mean your animations. Heh heh heh. But I DO wanna see you and your animation show their @SS when it's done! Hell, I'm like that crazy lady from Stephen King's "Misery" who's in love with that author. Except, I don't wanna break your legs. I mean, how would I follow you around if I did that? Ah. . . good times, good times.
*pulls my feet in a little more, from underneath your bed so you can't see them*

I've been well (and ANTI-socially networking) lately. My chipmunk voice misses making noises at you, even though bats and dogs can only hear them. That's what the typing function is for with the programs we use to communicate with one another though. I miss you, your creative harmonization, sick animating skills, schitzophrenic voices and your fun loving nature as well. One day, I will get to spend some time with you, your bro (how's he doing, BTW?), ALL your Woodland Creatures and Meestah Mew of Joy, Guardian of Vladimir Putin made balloon animals and exibitionist bunnnies.

Bless YOU, Staggy-Poo! Thinking of you always! *warm hugs and cheek kisses*
..................Take care, be good and make more songs, Genius.period
<3 :(Gaia:)


2009-11-12 19:45:03

Silly people and their video games.

*He says after just beating Dragon Age, Origins on the third day of owning it.*



P.S. - Unreal Tournament 2K4 and Quake III Arena are still the best first person shooters ever. Oh yea! I said it! Who wants some?!?!

rednikaiaG responds:

Psyeah, really, *rolls my eyes* people who play games are just plain *works the cramps out of my thumbs* retarded loo-hah-HOO-sers! (Apologies to anyone who might find the word retarded, obtrusively rude or tastelessly ill-PC.) Heh heh heh.

Dayum, Gravey Boat, you beat the game alREADy?!?!
You MUST be a RP'in fiend, Man!
I had NO CLUE you played games like a maniac. Not that I've done my part, to investigate your extracurricular activities or anything. That's cool.
So, in addition to being an addict of musical composition, you also play wicked games with phenomenal graphics. Nice. Very nice, indeed good Sir. And I wasn't sayin that Unreal Tournament 2K4 and Quake weren't awesome as all get out. I was simply saying that Halo, had nothin' on Doom. That's all. I agree with you totally. Although I merely have more experience with Quake. *coughs subtley and says under my breath "and if it weren't for DOOM, neither of those would exist" and coughs lightly, again* Either way, you play role playing games. You got my respect, Man. :) Ha!

...............Take care, be good and remember "There were rapists.
And the cake was soggy." - Male City Elf Rogue Player Character


2009-11-13 01:46:51

haha you like games



rednikaiaG responds:

Heh heh I do, I do like games, Box-Killa.
D'you play anything at all? PC, XBox, PS?
:P You're silly!

.............Take care, be good and make more music for me to review, please.period


2009-11-15 19:51:27

I'm gonna buy game this just to play that level, NO RUSSIANS. Need I say it more younger and foreign?
First time I saw it it felt so eerie. Like watching something like Colombine

(Updated ) rednikaiaG responds:

Oh Dude, you SHOULD buy it, even if it IS just for that level. I mean, that is, if you have the money to spare on something that will soon become a legal addiction. There are worse things you could be doing. At least with MW2, you manage your hand/eye coordination. There's also texting skills whilst in-game or you and your friends deciding what type match to pick for the next few rounds. Healthy competition is always good to practice too. $60 bucks is a lot of money to spend if you AREN'T planning on playing it a good deal. But, who am I to say what you should and shouldn't spend your money on. *smirks* And no, you need not, say it more younger and foreign! Ha ha ha ha! Your skit's SO funny!
I can't even describe to you the excitement in my eyes, when I first saw MW1. I wrote a short bit on just how magnificent the graphics were. Don't get me wrong though, World at War is JUST as spectacular to me in certain ways. There's such a darker feel to it. To tell you the truth, I get a bit spooked in my room, when it's dark and it on. Those siren sounds are a little too much for me and my imagination's wild side. Adding zombies into the picture do nothing but freak me out, even more. But what's better than zombies in a WWII setting? NOTHING, I say! :) Maybe other than cheesecake and free trees, or a pony, yeah!
As for comparing it to Columbine, I'm confused about that last part so, I'll leave it at that and not get into my opinions about the idiots who acted out the horrible things they wanted to do to everyone. It's one thing to THINK things, but to act them out. . .that's an entirely different story.
Thanks for stoppin' by Man. Ya silly skit, making man, you! :) Until next time. . .

..............Take care, be good and could you please
make it sound more foreign and young.period

Oh, and if you haven't seen it already, vago, go Google Vladimir Putin, making balloon animals. It's one of the funniest gifs, you'll ever see in your entire life.
I've got Drew to thank for showing it to me! Hehe


2009-11-23 19:33:05

so i hurd ur gh3y becuz u dnt get on msn nemoar <3

rednikaiaG responds:

Nope, Billeh---------->
I'm just gay, because I'm gay.
But yeah, I haven't gotten on MSN in ages, it seems.
I haven't heard from you in awhile either, Man.
What all have you up to? You got any projects going on or what?
You're the best and you'll always be my first, Billy.
You silly little jellyBEAN.

................Take care, be good and be happy.period


2009-11-25 22:20:15

Man, I remember when the only gory games on the scene were DooM and Mortal Kombat. I feel like an old-timer....

And though you're clearly in a chipper mood today, you haven't bothered to write me in a while. I bet the feeling is mutual, but someone had to break the ice.

Oh, and that chopper is flying too low in a storm. Seriously, who's flying that thing, Liquid fuggin' Snake?

rednikaiaG responds:

Ah, you're not alone in your feelings of Old Timerness, Neo---------->
Ha! I'm right there with you, Man. I'll be the Gramma to your Grampsishness. Ah, DooM. Good old classic gaming at it's best indeed. I remember my best friend's Popz was like, obsessed with that damned game. We all made fun of him for being so into it, at the time. Now, here we are, years later, obsessing over our own childish PC/console gaming/RP'ing ventures.
Glad you broke the ice, Neo. I had been trapped in an anti-social networking funk for a couple of months now. *shakes off the shards of ice* That should be long gone for now. Yeah, I miss hearing from you all the time. We have grown a bit apart but it's a brand new year and I'll make an effort to keep up if you will. Which you obviously will, 'cause you JUST did.
Yeah, the chopper IS dangerously low. I guess high speed chases just wouldn't be as fun, if they weren't dangerous though, huh? Everybody all buckled up and abiding by the speed limits. Ha! It was so good to hear from you Sire. I hear you got your tablet and I'm waiting to hear back from you on our letter. Only time will tell what sort of project we get going on together. I'm curious and a bit anxious to see. I hope we're still chatting years from now, Man. I would never just up and ditch out on ya. I might be guilty of taking breaks from here every now and again though. You're too cool to be abandoned, Neo. I hope you know that in your heart. Whatever, I'm rambling now, huh? Ok, yeah, so I can't wait until I hear back from you. Until then...

................Take care, be good and remember, "I'm YOU. I'm your shadow."period


2009-12-05 07:19:24

hey hey hey
seems you got the MW2 fever huh
well, if yah gots time you can check out my post
so maybe now you can be the first one to comment

rednikaiaG responds:

Hey, Hey, Hey xellon----------!!!!
Yeah, I came down with the fever standing in line at Gamestop in November.
*fights off the CoD chills and withdrawals*
I checked out your post. It was ALL funny, funny stuff, as usual.
If you're good at one thing, it's definitely making me laugh.
Oh, and as for being the first to comment?! Ha!
What about being the 73rd to do so?
One day my friend, I'll make it around to being the first.
I just KNOW it. Thanks xellon!
Hope this New Year brings you everything you desire!
Until you next post or until we next speak,

.............Take care, be good and post more funny stuffs.period


2009-12-08 20:06:43

I read it....

rednikaiaG responds:

I read what you wrote.... :)


2009-12-13 15:10:06

You never write, you never call, you never write about calling about writing.

I miss you, damn it ;(

rednikaiaG responds:

I miss you too, Sai <3 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! <3
Here, I'm writing, Ok?
Ok, right, so I'm not calling, nor have I been and for that, I apologize to you.
That doesn't mean I love ya any less than I did before though, got it?
I DID however, just write about calling.
Then, I'll add in another statement about writing and calling.
*checks over your demand list* Yeah, there, done.
I miss you too, Sai. I do still check my e-mail all the time though.
You have it Silly. Sorry I've been a recluse lately.
I do miss the sound of your smart @ss voice. :)
Oh, and I REALLY miss our potty mouthed,
cock 'n' ballz joke filled convos as well.

.................Take care, be good and *insert penis joke here*.period


2010-01-03 18:27:27

I really like your voice it's so awesome! :)

rednikaiaG responds:

I really like your compliments, they're so awesome (for making my head bigger)!
:) I like your animations as well, OnionsXD and I'm looking forward to being a small part of one of them. *thinks of a cheesy infomercial* Cute, cute, cute.
Your feedback and reviews are always so positive! Thanks for not just being another douchebag out there with nothing to say! Here's to getting to know you, your style of animating, and your nature a little better, Man!

.............Take care, be good and "try our newest product, Ta", eh, nevermind.
I'll leave that for YOU to reveal to the masses.


2010-01-04 01:23:42

i hope i'm not too late to be one of the "never to be heard of again". but ionly just got a 360 and, although that game looks like it's pretty good you would destroy me with your ridiculous headshots. (compliment?) anyhowsers i'd also like to state that the last entry was probably popular because of it's content, being controversial got it some responses. this however is CoD and mostly people who play CoD would only be reminded of the game from this posting and immediately proceed to play it. therefore creating far less responses. but who cares about responses? I hope to get on newgrounds more often to say what i can but until then my responses will be at weird times.

(Updated ) rednikaiaG responds:

Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis?!?
Man, I hope you know I'd NEVER put you on the, I haven't heard from them in so long they might as well be on a "never to be heard of again" list! Silly!
Yeah, I get what you're saying about the content of the last post. And I agree totally. Anyone who reads this might not even take the time to post here because of their insatiable urge to go play it! Ha! Good flippin' point, Man! Throw out the word hentai, and people will crawl from the woodworks to read what it's all about. Oh and they'll MAKE it a point to post. Even if they have nothing relevant to say what so ever. I'm the same way though so I guess I can't judge others TOO badly, huh?
Glad to hear you got a 360, TNWT. How's that been going for ya? I bet your thumbs are permanently bent at the joints. Heh heh heh. Hope things have been well for you and you hop on and leave me a note or two ANYtime. It doesn't matter if it's a wierd time or not, Ok?

.............Take care, be good and utilize wierd times, at the PC.period


2010-01-10 10:39:20

you adorable squidgy little puppy. i bet you have little soggy floppy warm ears i can twiddle and snuggle into ^ ^ X3 (note- i used to do that with my dogs ears LOL, it was the equivalent of a blanket or thumb suck)

did you ever suck your thumb or anything i wonder? X3
i ate some chocolate cookies NOM! X3 day wer tastey!

well i hope this years brings you good fortune and that you can begin to afford some camouflage so you are better at stalking me X3 Love ya chicken!
(btw i might be legally changing my name to Dillon! LOL!)

rednikaiaG responds:

Wait a minute, YOU know of the cutest little sleepy headed pup (other than MINE, of course) named Squidgy, too?!?! How can this be?

*nibbles on a still warm, homemade Johnny Cake, smiling wildly*

I am SO hap-hap-happity you left me a comment, STAG-pipe player!
I love ya so, so, so, so, so, so much! And dayumit, did you see my legs again, hanging out from underneath your bed? I TRIED to disguise them in candy wrappers and a few dirty socks. =) Maybe I'll try sheet music and empty crisp packages, next time.
Actually, my ears aren't fuzzy or flopsy. They are little though, so you can still snuggle with 'em if'n ya want. And I myself, was more of a rub my feet together under the soft, warm sheets, while playing with the silky strip on my blankie, type of gal. There might have been a LITTLE thumb action though. Heh heh heh

I hope this year brings you ANYthing and EVERYthing, it is your heart desires because you deserve it, sweet man. Oooh, and let me know how that whole Dillon thing works out for ya!
*hugs and lovies*

..................Take care, be good and turn the heat up please,
I was a bit chilly in your room, last night, watching you sleep.period
<3 Always, :(Gaia:)


2010-01-14 17:41:15

MW2......freakin awesome, honestly one of the best games i have played in a long while.

Sheperd is a total asshole, and so is Makarov.

i also found the best class in the entire multiplayer.

Primary Weapon: RPD
Camo: Digital
Primary Weapon Attachments: Heartbeat Sensor, ACOG Scope
Secondary Weapon: Spas-12
Secondary Weapon Attachments: Red Dot Sight
Equipment: Semtex Grenade
Special Grenade: Stun Grenade
Perk1: Bling Pro
Perk2: Stopping Power Pro
Perk3: Scrambler Pro

^ You will seriously fuck some people up with this

rednikaiaG responds:

I couldn't agree with you MORE, zerogeaass---------->
about MW2 bein' one of the best games played in a LONG time.
I think it's best to change things up though, depending on the map, Man.
ACOG Scope = can get a little TOO jumpy for me.
SCRAMBLER PRO = a proximity alert for opposing team.
Overall, you got yourself a pretty cool assault class.
Another good perk 3 for you, would be Commando Pro, because of the lack of hip fire accuracy, from your RPD. To each their own though, right?

.................Take care, be good and seriously fuck some people up.period


2010-01-14 17:44:16

almost forgot, for that above metion class get the Painkiller Deathstreak.

(Updated ) rednikaiaG responds:

Almost forgot, here's some cool stuff to check out, if you haven't already, Man.

Machinima Respawn (Sark and Camp Hutch are there)
http://www.youtube.com/user/machi nimarespawn#p/c/82EF50B108AE968C

Machinima (B4 they made Machinima Respawn)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ho iYsEHnaEs&feature=fvsr
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wD G_dR8PXrw

"zzirGrizz" gameplay on YT
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iV RIheVBdFc

Another name you should keep your eye out for on YT is, NextGenTactics.
Although honestly, come to think of it, I think they are already associated with Machinima Respawn.
Oh, and I really don't like seeing ANY deathstreaks arise,
but maybe that's just because I suck. :( Heh heh


2010-01-15 15:04:58



rednikaiaG responds:

Ello, ello dare, Guh-ravey---------->
So good to see you here and leaving me a smiley!
I'm sendin' you one, right back atcha, Man!

...............Take care, be good and SMILE.period


2010-01-25 18:11:43


rednikaiaG responds:

PshIiIiIiIiitttt... and you know thisSsSsSsss, Man! Yeah I'm still around Wyld!
Hell, it's good to see you even remember who the feck I am. Heh heh heh. I thought I had long been stashed away in your "forget about that cuh-razy bitch" box. It's good to see your name pop up, Wyld. I had quite a few security issues as of late and I couldn't really come by here and visit. You know, my Mum's ancient beasty, isn't really set up to handle anything over 256 meg RAM. So, essentially, other than checking my e-mail or lookin' at pictures, it's good for nothin'. I'm pretty sure I got it fixed now though. Thank Gawd. I was starting to go into withdrawals without it! Ha! I missed out on this month's VA Contest, but alas, there will be others. Waa, waa, waa. Change your stinkin' diaper, right?

So, what about you? I know you always got a huge list of projects goin' on. What's up witchu? What all you got goin' on right now? Hmmm, I bet it's something music related and having to do with a compilation of other NG artists, huh? Right? Am I right? Lemme know what's up and how you've been, Man. Oh, I actually hopped on MSN a couple of weeks ago and talked to ole' Druid. I told him to tell you not to accept any e-mails from me without subjects (just in case). Whatever. I'll stop now and let you know that I'm stoked as Hell to hear from ya, Wyld. I hope things are going spectacularly for ya and I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for droppin' by. 'Tis much appreciated. *tips my hat*
Until next time...

............Take care, be good and DO NOT OPEN ANY E-MAILS from me,
with no subject lines (for your own safety, trust me).period


2010-01-31 05:05:26

i'm still finding new shit to post
i'm gonna try to top this one
but first i need to let people see it
you know
ok good luck with the game Gaia

rednikaiaG responds:

Dayum xellon---------->
Seriously, One Hundred and Twenty-Six comments, alREADy? WTF? How DO you do it? Your vids are always a treat to watch though. The fact that you put up quite a few at a time ain't too shabby either, Man. I get a good laugh outta them anyway. Nice advertising. Hey, you got me to click on it. So, you gotta be doin' SOMEthin' right.
How have you been? Everything's ah-ite I suppose? No new complaints or anything? What about Life? How's it been treatin' ya? Well, I hope. I just wanna thank you for takin' the time to stop in and check on me from time to time, xellon. That's cool. Good Luck with your advertising. I hope your current post DOES outdo your last one. Hey, you still get trolled by that TurtleKirby dude or what? I know for awhile that kid was on your ass constantly. Or do you actually know him or somethin'? Thanks for the game luck too. I need it, ALWAYS.

............Take care, be good and *thinks of Cheerios and drools*


2010-02-07 21:48:19

im totally dizzy not from the gameview but ive been reading a bit in youre post,woah so many in so little time since youve signed up.
anyway they make me laugh .
keep it up gai:)

rednikaiaG responds:

Hmmm, well, thank you, jeannet---------->
I gotta admit, it's ALWAYS nice hearin' from the Lady Persuasion. My selection of female friends is NEVER to great, so, I'm always amped to hear one has left me a note. Sweet! So, you're a zorg, huh? You mean, like, a nickname from the film, Betty Blue, a character from The Fifth Element or an alien race from these two games, Strange Adventures in Infinite Space and Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space?
*credits Wikipedia for the references* I'm curious. You live in Amsterdam, as well? How do you like that? Is that the only place you've ever lived or what? (And if I'm moving too quickly for our future, same sex platonic relationship, here on NG, just let me know.) Well, just so I don't scare you off or anything, I'll hold back any further questioning too. I mean, there is the possibility you might not even come back to read my response.
So, that being said, I wanted to thank you for letting me know I got a good laugh outta ya. That makes me happy and I hope to do it again sometime, very soon. Thanks for the positive drop by. You're a doll, thanks.

..............Take care, be good and feel free to stop by here, ANYtime, Chicky.period


2010-02-16 05:06:13

haven't heard from you in a while

rednikaiaG responds:

*points to the response left, two comments up
and heads over to your newer post to leave you a comment*


2010-02-20 20:22:07

you know you can always drop by here more than once in a while gaia
well, that's good to hear :3
sorry i'm too lazy to type really long comments
unlike you
which is good :3
you can look it up on youtube
there's like a bunch of MK fatalities there

bbye gaia
take care now

rednikaiaG responds:

me can be lazy too xellon
see I told you so :3



2010-02-20 20:25:33

and don't try to flatter me
i know my last stream of vids sucked
but this one is much better though

rednikaiaG responds:

Ok, I won't then, xellon.
You win. They sucked ballz.
I certainly hope so! Ha!
Thanks for stoppin' by!
Yer awsum!


2010-03-01 22:30:24

Hah, alright then ^_~. Stop being such a stranger will ya?


rednikaiaG responds:

I'll try that whole not bein' a stranger thing, Wyld!
I kind of miss you and your smart ass presence.

*looks up at the date this comment was left
and realizes it was like, two freakin' months ago*


2010-07-01 02:06:10

hey man


2010-07-09 17:35:54

You like modern warfare 2? oh. Long time no see...... *blinks*


2010-07-09 17:36:46

*dies by eating too much cake*


2010-09-28 23:27:48

yeah, well i'm leaving ANOTHER msg hahah stop being a damn stranger girl!



2010-11-05 00:55:51

Dude... What happened to my favorite voice actress? Me and Bad Man miss you. Come back to us. ):


2011-06-12 14:38:18

one of the best voice actors i've ever heard here on NG
that's right, i'm talking about you Gaia