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Hue Manatee Hue Manatee

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I don't know what's more fabulous. . .

this Hue Manatee ya did, OR the Rainbow Wilford Brimley coomment, Bobert-Rob!
Great job on such a wonderful piece (on more levels than one, mind you).
Nice blending, amazing colors and an even better story it's birth.
Not only all that, B--U--T, I got to laugh my butt off at your response to Ipfann2's review, as well, Man! Thanks for the smile.
.................Take care, be good and watch your blood sugar.period

Bobert-Rob responds:

Hah, well I'm glad this has brought you joy on more than one level! I do my best. Thanks!

Because I've Lost Control... Because I've Lost Control...

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Inside joke or not. . .

this piece is not only hilarious, but awesome as well, Sh0T-D0wN------!
Man, I can hear just hear the theme song, playing in my head now.
Great detailing on Stu's eyes by the way.
Again, I agree with the review before me. I don't necessarily "get it" but your artwork is spec-freakin-tacular, Man!

...............Take care, be good and eat Pickles.period

Soap MacTavish: "Don't let go" Soap MacTavish: "Don't let go"

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Ah, Cap'n McT!

Great job, MMP----------! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
I had guessed who it was right before I read it too, Man. So kudos to you.
Fabulous sketch, even better game and a good man.
What else COULD you ask for?

Waste Waste

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The detail seen in. . .

the FULL viewed versions feckin' uhMAYzes me, MMP!
I can see the despair in the crashed helicopter.
A machine built by human, manipulated to kill one another during times of war.

Is that quote from the Greek guy or what? Oh, and I don't know WHY I got such a big kick out of finally seeing your handwriting, That's something I'm ALWAYS curious, about people. *rolls my eyes*

The Freeman's last supper The Freeman's last supper

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Cute idea, MMP. . .

Now I'm curious to see what the rest of the thread looked like.
Good job on such a cute parody, Man.
Don't get me wrong, now.
I can considerably see how one might vote you down.
Especially if that person was a very, biblically driven one at that!
some people will find sin and disgust where EVER they look.
Whatever. Needless to say, you've done a great job on a neat idea.
Very creative young man you are, Sir.

Lots of Ink, lots of time... Lots of Ink, lots of time...

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I don't think one can truly. . .

get the taste for JUST how detailed this sketch is, unless you look at it closely in it's FULL version. I just LOVE the graphic novel sketchiness it has, MMP.

It brings a few memories to my mind whether that be because of it's content or style. I think of my Popz riding free and easy, solo and no particular place bound on the weekends. I remember how much I used to read Hunter S. Thompson books and I once again appreciate Frank Miller and his work.

Nice work, MMP. Immaculate details, fabulous stylings, and it sounds like you got plenty of thinking cap time whilst you were sketching too. So, that's ALWAYS a win-win situation. Until next time, Mate. . .
...............Take care, be good and remember,
"A word to the wise is infuriating".period

Skull Keeper Skull Keeper

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*thinks of Toki-Doki and smiles widely*

Aww Man, yellowbouncyball---------->
This is such a cute piece! I mean, your normal mouse doodles are cute as all get out too, but there's just SOMEthing about this kind of line art that I RUV!!!
There's nothing I love more, than something representative of wicked evil, (such as a skull) in a overexaggerated style (or straight-line vector, as you called it)! I went by your userpage, in the hopes of seeing what all you're about, when I ran across that Sack Boy Give-Away.
After lookin' through ADD, I can confidently say, that I have fallen in love, Sir.
PUH-LEASE, don't EVER stop creating. Your art has such a unique style to it. My personal favorites, are your two zombie pics though. Especially the one where the two zombies are fighting it out. One's duel wielding swords and the other has a lead pipe to defend himself with.
CUH-LASSIC STUFF! You're awesome, Man. Whatever.
Enough arse kissing, for now. *wipes the brown from my nose*
Thanks for giving me a brand new name to list under my favorite artists.
Oh, and if you DO ever get around to making any animations (like some of the suggestions, left on your give away page comments), I hope you know, you'll have a goofy chick, ready to give her voice up for a good cause. Ha! Gaia the mentally deficient, overtly anal cleaning lady by day and voice actress by night, at your service, Sire. *bows down before you* Until next time, YBB. . .

.....................Take care, be good and keep skulls.period

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yellowbouncyball responds:


haha I have never gotten a response like that before on Newgrounds-

I appreciate all of the compliments and I am thrilled that you enjoy my artwork. Thanks much! I also take doodle requests if you have something in mind. And if I ever need chick-voice work done I will for sure contact you. Thanks!

Shiny Super Hero Shiny Super Hero

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*glances up at the picture again*

The thing I like about this one, is the fact that everything is so bold and stark in nature. The picture has an overall dark feel to it but the gleam of the metal your character's wearing is so bright. The bold lines of the buildings and windows make for a solid background as well. Your gradient coloring is neat too.

..............Take care, be good and listen to more Danny Elfman.period

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Darje responds:

Thanks! I spent a long time on the shading of the character, especially the metal covering their suit (gradient meshes are awesome!).

Sharkman! Sharkman!

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*thinks of old SNL and giggles*

*Knock, knock, knock*
Who's there?
Uh... Pizza Delivery?
But I didn't order a pizza.
Sorry, I couldn't resist after reading the other review below me.

Now, this is a really cool one because of the comic book feel you said you tried to achieve. I love looking at this and thinking that one side is the front and the other is the back. Neat idea and yeah, I'd agree with you.
I think you achieved what you were going for as well.
I hope to see some more work of yours in the art portal soon.
I recommended you a WHILE back.
I'm not sure what else, one has to do to get you scouted there.

.............Take care, be good and beware the LANDSHARK.period

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Darje responds:

Hey, thanks for all of your support, it makes me glad I decided to put this stuff up. I'll definitely try to get more stuff up.

Musical Flowers Musical Flowers

Rated 5 / 5 stars

*agrees with username below too*

It's very colorful, full of life and texture as well.
I know I certainly like this piece.
I hope your girlfriend likes it too.
Are those daffodils? I wonder, is she a musician?
And are those her lips or yours?
I love the psychedelic squigglies around the bottom flower's stem
and the upper edge of the black blotches over the eyes too.

.............Take care, be good and create more.period

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Darje responds:

Sadly I didn't have a camera at my disposal to take those pictures, the ear, lips, and flowers are all stock and heavily modified. The squiggles took me a looooong time to make, glad you like them! The flowers are called Amandallas, and she is a singer in a choir.