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FF7 dating sim FF7 dating sim

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Man, I got a good giggle. . . .

outta this one, GSM---------->
It's so cool to see you made a game.
Keep it up, you're developing pretty quickly.
Not to mention, your humor's got the right idea.
You silly weasel, you!
Can't wait to see something else of yours, Man.
Until I do, though. . .

...............Take care, be good and quote people.period

"What I have shown you is reality. What you remember...that is the illusion."

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Giantsockmonster responds:

Thanks, i'll let you know when new stuff comes around

Irutia : Little Squirrel Irutia : Little Squirrel

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I don't know WHAT it is. . . .

about these kind of games, lucidrine----------->
But I just LOVE 'em! The music is more than pleasant, easy going, the artwork is simply beautiful, the pace, as slow as you want it, the difficulty alright. Man, this really was a lot of fun to play. There's such a light hearted feel to it as well. It can knock off stress from the day and put you in a good mood.
Congratulations on such a fun, silly and cute game for us all to play. I wish you much luck on anything else you end up doing, lucidrine. It seems you have a knack for bringing peaceful games to an otherwise, highly tense and annoying portal. Simplicity at it's best, Mate, indeed. Thanks again for the fun!
Maybe you could use the other version of Tomppaah's song that DOESN'T cut off though. That would be the ONLY criticism I have for you. Other than that, you have yourself a winner here, in MY books anyway.

............Take care, be good and spot the differences.period

ForNoReason Soundboard! ForNoReason Soundboard!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Oh mah Laward this soundboard is....

the greatest thing since sliced bread, ForNoReason------>
Ok, well I bet I'll eat more sliced bread than I'll use this but you never know.
I mean, just the line, "The last person that said something like that to ME, ended up gettin' pregnant" ALONE is worth it! I rarely laugh out loud, nor do I end up typing that as a period at the ends of my sentences but I did, in fact *shudders at the thought of actually typing it* LOL, listening to a few of these clips. This is really impressive, Man. Another insta-classic is: "Does this extra 200 pounds of weight, make me look fat?" That's funny stuff, Man. I don't care WHO you are.

Oh yeah, I meant to ask, too, what IS up wtih people asking you to do projects, and them just never coming about? Is that pretty common? I JUST got started VA'ing a couple months ago and already I have had several things fall through. I was gettin' pretty stoked about 'em too. Oh well, if ya ever need a wierd, sort of 14 year old boy voiced FEMALE to help you out, just holler! Heh heh heh
Until that time may arise. . .

................Take care, be good and voice act.period

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ForNoReason responds:

Best of luck to you! I listened to your stuff thus far and it is very impressive. I see you getting much work soon. A strong female VA is hard to find on this site sometimes =p Also, sadly it is true that you will probably spend some time on a project just for it to get scrapped. One of those things we can't control I guess. We just have to keep pushing forward and work on as much as you can. The more you do the better your chances right?

Anyway thanks for the kind words and I am glad you enjoyed it!

(I think I am going to make another one =p)

Good luck and thanks again!

newgrounds the quiz newgrounds the quiz

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I like THIS quiz as well. . . .

acedareaper, Gamepro23 and xellon------>
The thing I liked about THIS one, is the fact that it 1) kept score and 2) didn't show you if you were right or wrong. It gave you a score at the end. I guess that's a good way of keeping interest in the game by NOT letting the quizzers know exactly WHAT they missed but just, that they DID in fact miss questions. Cool deal! Thanks again for sharing this with everybody. I give it a thumbs up, Guys! Hope to see something else by you very, very soon, Man. Until then, people. . .

............Take care, be good and keep quizzing.period

acedareaper responds:

you know ill try to get something else out.

newgrounds history quiz newgrounds history quiz

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hey I actually learned stuff from this. . .

NORMALLY that doesn't happen on these quizzes, acedareaper and xellon------>
Not that I'm particularly smart girl or anything (I'm being modest, of COURSE:) but usually NG quizzes are stupid pieces of shit that are merely used to spam up the portal on "holidays" and such. Know what I mean?
I ALSO want to thank you for the FABulous choice for music as well. I can see, I'm not the only person who was impressed that either. Thanks so much for keeping me occupied for awhile and bringing a few smiles to my face too. I had fun and I'd love to see something else done by you guys. Until I do though. . .

............Take care, be good and keep promoting Newgrounds.period

acedareaper responds:

thx for the support ill make another quiz just because you got me feeling like it... right as soon as i fix my computer...

Stab Frogs Stab Frogs

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Aw, you were into WoW, huh. . .

Do you STILL play I wonder? Thinks of my Shadow Priest and remembers I need to check my mailbox and the Auction House in Azeroth. Hmmm, this was a cute game. Very low intensity. Not stressful, easy to manipulate but I had issues with the whole key functioning. It's still fun to play though. I'm suprised you didn't use more viscious creatures to attack people with or anything. I guess it was more simple to draw a frog though huh? Either way, Man, this game is cute as all get out. Three years ago you say? That's a LONG time ago. Are you working on anything recent? Game, movie, what? Tell me, tell me, please. I have grown quite fond of your stuff. ESPECIALLY your music, Man. I'd LOVE to hear some more too. PLEASE GO MAKE MORE NOW. Until you decide to . . . .

.............Take care, be good and play Rogues.period

Geriatric Rampage Geriatric Rampage

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is a freakin' hilarious game. . .

gammaglob and crazysalt------>
Hell I LIVE around this kind of stuff.
I mean, minus the rednecks running around. The ones around here just sit down on their porches or out in their trucks, yelling hateful phrases at anyone different than them. That and drink beer. I drink beer with them though SOMEtimes. Just not the same brand, that's all. I like my beer dark.
I prefer a good stout to a cheap piss beer ANYday.
Yeah but as for your game. . . Keep up the good work! You say you made this in a few days? This is great, Guys! I can't even imagine what you could do if you really worked on a project, for like a few weeks or something! I bet it would be (excuse the n00bish phrase usage) EPIC! I wish you'd work on somthing else to give to all of us here at Newgrounds. Please? Will ya? Maybe? Until you get to work on more silliness. . .

.........Take care, be good and make a game mocking Yankees, now.period
Ha ha ha ha. I kid. . . I kid.

The Big Fat Tutorial The Big Fat Tutorial

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow, I wish I HAD flash. . .

This was an EXCELLENT tutorial, ALL of you------>
I only wish I had any version of flash so I could utilize it.
ALL of the sections were awesome and explained VERY clearly.
You work well together as a team.
Are you all planning on doing anything else together again?
The music was was pretty good as well.
In fact, I find myself wanting to listen to a few of them withOUT even having the tutorial playing. Until you Guys decide to make something else together OR solo, either way. . .

.........Take care, be good and keep teaching, please.period

Helbereth responds:

It may look like there's a team of us, but I can assure you, it's just me.

Pico II : The Awakening Pico II : The Awakening

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You SUCK Dude! ! ! ! !

Do you have ANY idea JUST how long that horrid song
is gonna be stuck in my head now, psychicpebble------?
Damn you! *shakes my fist angrily in the air at you*
Jeesh, Man. What did I do to deserve this?
*sighs* Ah, Man, Damn.
Cute. You got me fair and square though.
It was cheap, but it WAS fair.
I'll give you that, psychicpebble.
Until your next trick. . .

..........Take care, be good and shoot Rick Astley, in the face, preferrably.period

psychicpebbles responds:

I've already given him the crabs, so it's all good.

Avoidance 3 Avoidance 3

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

My mouse got all crazy around lvl 9. . .

I don't know if it was just me or what Guys------>
But around level 9 or so my direction was all inverted.
It was still cool to play. Better yet, I LOVED the music too!
It had a very Eastern Indian feel to it.
I wish I knew how to program and do flash.
You guys are awesome and should work on making some more stuff for all of us out here to play with! Neat game. Hope to see more by you soon, Guys.
Until that time comes. . .

.............Take care, be good and save your fellow soldiers.period

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TheSongSalad responds:

Thanks for the review, I'm glad you liked it! The control inversion was on purpose, so it's not just you, I guess on reflection it was a little too hard, but thanks.

On another note, you mentioned you want to learn flash, I could help you out if you like, it's not too hard to learn. Send me a pm if you'd like, and thanks again for the review.