MW2 - The wait is over. . .

2009-11-11 01:15:32 by rednikaiaG

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Tuesday, November 10th, 2009 @ approximately 1:45 a.m.
STILL standing in line at my local Gamestop.
And all I want to do, is make Captain MacTavish, proud.

. . . . . . . There. Is that any better?
Sorry about SUCH a L--O--N--G wait for a new post (especially YOU, Stag). I know, I know, you were yawning at my old one. Drew, I know you thought it was a clusterf*ck, and it WAS. I apologize to you for that tacky habit. I'll try to work on it, Ok? I really mean it this time. *awaits the intervention ceremony* I miss the whole gang getting together via Le PC. You know, everybody, all 3 of us.

Yeah, so, that's it. That's my epic new post message. No suggestive visuals.
Just me, CoD6 Modern Warfare 2 and some meaningless random, passing thoughts. Hope I haven't disrupted anyone's realities with the bombshell of epiphanies it contains. Ha!

Yeah right, like my mind can even focus on something long enough to form thoughts containing relevance. What am I thinking? Will anyone even read this shit? I'm curious now. You know, since one of the last responses, I got on the prior *watches Stag, yawn productively* post, I've wondered about it. Maybe people really DID only reply because it was of a more perverse nature than some. Nah, that can't be. Well, I mean sure, SOME people left some messages and I never heard from then again but, for the most part, I knew all of ya. Whatever, no matter. No, no, no, I do wanna say one last thing about it and then I think I can move on to a valid point about absolutely nothing. I want to say that the most probable reason that last post had SO many replies, was simply because it was just 8 days shy of 5 freakin' months.
There. Ok. NOW, I'm done with it. Dropped. Finished, seriously.
So, until you next beg of me, to change my f*ckin' post. . .

.............Take care, be good and PRESTIGE.period

MW2 - The wait is over. . .

Hentai Lovers...Hang on to your First Amendment Rights...

I feel like I'm in a foreign country or something.
Only, there is no novelty left, of my curious thoughts about the typically normal food labels, power supplies and various sorts of cheeses.
I mean, when did sexual expression, of the PERSONAL sort,
(in relation to the FREEDOMS of expressions we are DEMOCRATICALLY granted,
by strict means of a little thing called The Constitution)
become something to be "considered" appropriate or not, by our government?

*sighs an irritable, yet worrisome breath*

.................................Take care, be good and read this article.
.See if it pisses YOU off as much as it did ME.period

Hentai Lovers... Hang on to your First Amendment Rights!

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---->I don't know if this was TRULY a commercial released in Australia for one of Nintendo's not-so-brilliant marketing schemes. If it WAS, then those Aussies probably used to think we were a particularly sadistic culture, stemming from the roots of our Gaming Youth.

......................Take care, be good and BEWARE 8-BIT DEATH.period

Australian boy killed in his sleep, for NOT asking his parents for a NES...

Well, thewax70. . . . . . .I have been familiar with NEWGROUNDS for very little time (compared to older, more seasoned members*winks*). Yet even I, felt the nostalgic rush shivering up to my mind -
- which was filled with a sense of happiness, seeing so many of my new found flash favorites -
-down to my toes, which were curled under themselves, due to the anticipation to see what character would pop up next. *reaches over to pat you on the back, almost proud of humanity at this very moment in time*
. . . . . . If I had 12 thumbs, I would stick them ALL up towards the skies in positive ratings for your compilation, thewax70! *bows down, humbly in salute to your work* Yes SIr, "I LOVED IT"!
. . . . . . . . . . . . Take care, Be good and CREATE.period (Again...nicely done.)

thewax70 presents "EVERYTHING BY EVERYONE"