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reverse beartrap reverse beartrap

Rated 5 / 5 stars

An-duh-roy-dent! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Long time, no see-ee a submission from you, AE!---------->
I got pretty excited when I logged on and saw you had made something else. Granted, it's not the stylistic humor and colorful montage of uniquely drawn images you normally come up with, B--U--T you even said you made it for a friend.
You were very clear in your description, that this was specifically made for a friend and his (or their) project. Oh, as for that sound crackling; I THINK I know what it might be, too. Maybe when you were piecing things together in Flash (except for the lens flares, I know, Ha!) the bass and/or treble levels were a bit too high. Try clippin' down a wee bit on your trim, if you have that option. That has happened to me COUNTless times when I'm trying to do something, myself.
Anyhoo, GUH-RATE job on an intro more than well done. It looks VERY professional. I'm curious though. Did your friend ever say what this was gonna be? A game or maybe even a short movie or something? Hmmm. . . Either way, I'm so very happy to see you're still out and about here on NG. I thought for sure I would have lost you due to my absence, the past few months.
Can't wait to start collaboratin'. Until then. . .
.................Take care, be good and introduce.period

seAnceTM responds:

hello :P well the sound was given to me by my friend so when he gave it to me it was all done except i had to come in and just animate to the song. I wasnt going to post this but said what the hell. I will post other animations as soon as i finish them. My computer got the blue screen of death about a week ago and i lost alllllll of my work so i have to do all of my work over. but thanks and i knew this litle animation wouldnt get big. dont care though<==================== lol see ya gaia pal.

After Taste After Taste

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I LOVE &quot;This American Life&quot;. . .

What a FABulous adaptation of this episode, Man. I think you did this MORE than justice in terms of bringing their voices and memories to life, via your artwork in flash.
The simplicity of your lines and colors was a stylistic touch all your own.
It didn't seem as though you were trying to copy anyone, nor were you diving into something that was too big for your britches. (Jeesh, great. Now I sound like I'm a 70 year old woman, huh?) *rolls my eyes*
You simply did what was present in YOUR mind, when you heard the program.

Best of luck on your thesis. I mean it, here's to wishin' you the very best of luck.
............Take care, be good and ALWAYS go with your gut, Man, ALWAYS.period

Alcohol. Alcohol.

Rated 5 / 5 stars

*hears Sai's voice and misses him*

Hey b0em and Sai---------->
This was not only a cute flash, BUT a great message to be delivering as well, guys! I thought the fact that it still had Dutch subs is wonderful too.
Not that I can fluently read, speak or even comprehend Dutch for that matter but it was nice to maybe have a subliminal language session whilst watching it.

Now, I'm all for drinking but I AM an advocate for not driving while doing so.
Lucky for me I'm an anti-social lunatic, so anytime I get a wee bit buzzed, I'm just sittin' at home, playin' with my dogs and talking to whoEVER will listen to my ranting.

Thanks again for such a positive message and a cute flash for all to enjoy, Fellas.

...............Take care, be good and limit decisions made,
while under the inlfuence of alcohol.period

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b0em responds:

Hey, thanks for the great comment!

Or as we say here: Dankjewel!

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FF7 dating sim FF7 dating sim

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Man, I got a good giggle. . . .

outta this one, GSM---------->
It's so cool to see you made a game.
Keep it up, you're developing pretty quickly.
Not to mention, your humor's got the right idea.
You silly weasel, you!
Can't wait to see something else of yours, Man.
Until I do, though. . .

...............Take care, be good and quote people.period

"What I have shown you is reality. What you remember...that is the illusion."

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Giantsockmonster responds:

Thanks, i'll let you know when new stuff comes around

Irutia : Little Squirrel Irutia : Little Squirrel

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I don't know WHAT it is. . . .

about these kind of games, lucidrine----------->
But I just LOVE 'em! The music is more than pleasant, easy going, the artwork is simply beautiful, the pace, as slow as you want it, the difficulty alright. Man, this really was a lot of fun to play. There's such a light hearted feel to it as well. It can knock off stress from the day and put you in a good mood.
Congratulations on such a fun, silly and cute game for us all to play. I wish you much luck on anything else you end up doing, lucidrine. It seems you have a knack for bringing peaceful games to an otherwise, highly tense and annoying portal. Simplicity at it's best, Mate, indeed. Thanks again for the fun!
Maybe you could use the other version of Tomppaah's song that DOESN'T cut off though. That would be the ONLY criticism I have for you. Other than that, you have yourself a winner here, in MY books anyway.

............Take care, be good and spot the differences.period

ForNoReason Soundboard! ForNoReason Soundboard!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Oh mah Laward this soundboard is....

the greatest thing since sliced bread, ForNoReason------>
Ok, well I bet I'll eat more sliced bread than I'll use this but you never know.
I mean, just the line, "The last person that said something like that to ME, ended up gettin' pregnant" ALONE is worth it! I rarely laugh out loud, nor do I end up typing that as a period at the ends of my sentences but I did, in fact *shudders at the thought of actually typing it* LOL, listening to a few of these clips. This is really impressive, Man. Another insta-classic is: "Does this extra 200 pounds of weight, make me look fat?" That's funny stuff, Man. I don't care WHO you are.

Oh yeah, I meant to ask, too, what IS up wtih people asking you to do projects, and them just never coming about? Is that pretty common? I JUST got started VA'ing a couple months ago and already I have had several things fall through. I was gettin' pretty stoked about 'em too. Oh well, if ya ever need a wierd, sort of 14 year old boy voiced FEMALE to help you out, just holler! Heh heh heh
Until that time may arise. . .

................Take care, be good and voice act.period

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ForNoReason responds:

Best of luck to you! I listened to your stuff thus far and it is very impressive. I see you getting much work soon. A strong female VA is hard to find on this site sometimes =p Also, sadly it is true that you will probably spend some time on a project just for it to get scrapped. One of those things we can't control I guess. We just have to keep pushing forward and work on as much as you can. The more you do the better your chances right?

Anyway thanks for the kind words and I am glad you enjoyed it!

(I think I am going to make another one =p)

Good luck and thanks again!

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&amp;lt;PS&amp;gt; Dreams of Ice and Snow <PS> Dreams of Ice and Snow

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You know, PeguinSam----------&gt;

I could DEFINITELY see this being the background music to an episode of Planet Earth or something, Man. I mean it! There's such a slow, gentle pace, steady and calming about it. I can almost see white snow laden rocks and plains and white, fuzzy critters all around.
The end and beginning are both on the softer side, so there's no real startle, as to when it loops over. This would be a nice piece to have playing in the background while someone was giving birth or something.
(Maybe I just pulled out a female card, on ya, though, so, sorry about that.)
Until your next peaceful musical journey you share. . . .
.............Take care, be good and DREAM.period

PenguinSam responds:

I don't know about the giving birth part, that's usually full of screaming. :P

But thank you for the review. And just so you know, I am going to be posting a new version based on comments that I have gotten, I really want this to win RAC4.


Childhood Memories Childhood Memories

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Takes you back to childhood, eh?

Firstly, let me say that there is a touch of Asian delight, in the notes, that softly chase one another, directly behind the main melody.

Secondly, I'd like to add, that midway point bust up in the song around 1:11, was great! The rhythm (I'm not sure what the technical name ofr that sort of beat was but. . . ) totally jumped around, almost changed pace, gave it a different fell and then went back to the very same thing it had started with. Awesome!

And from 2:47 and on: that reminded of playing the old school Nintendo and killing one of the first bosses I had ever killed. Nice, very nice piece, friend.
Hope to hear more from you. Until then. . . .
.............Take care, be good and remember the past, ALWAYS.period

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Away Again Away Again

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Drivin' in an old beat up car. . .

down the highway, watching the ever changing blur pass by quicker than my comprehension can hang onto. Dad reaching into the backseat screaming, "Don't you make me come back there. I will turn this car around in an instant." and Mama yelling "We brought you into this World, we'll yank you out just as quickly yound lady!". Nasty deli sandwiches packed in our cooler, water having soaked through the Ziploc bags making them soggy, partially flattened cans of soda, jostled from the long ride. Dog hair EVERYwhere and the warm breeze blowing through my now dirty hair.
Beach laden memories playing over and over in my head, with the twitchy vision that an old 8MM film would resemble. Sand in my buttcrack and the horrific sight of my little dog eating the most adorable, miniature frogs I had ever seen, by the seaside. This was MY vacation.

**DISCLAIMER** Only one of these things truly happened. I just had to roll along with your "Vacation" theme, Man. I know you don't like this song as much as many of your others, but I like it. Yes Sir, I do. The End.

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InvisibleObserver responds:

My moneys on the butt-crack of sandy-truth comment.

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Hue Manatee Hue Manatee

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I don't know what's more fabulous. . .

this Hue Manatee ya did, OR the Rainbow Wilford Brimley coomment, Bobert-Rob!
Great job on such a wonderful piece (on more levels than one, mind you).
Nice blending, amazing colors and an even better story it's birth.
Not only all that, B--U--T, I got to laugh my butt off at your response to Ipfann2's review, as well, Man! Thanks for the smile.
.................Take care, be good and watch your blood sugar.period

Bobert-Rob responds:

Hah, well I'm glad this has brought you joy on more than one level! I do my best. Thanks!

Because I've Lost Control... Because I've Lost Control...

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Inside joke or not. . .

this piece is not only hilarious, but awesome as well, Sh0T-D0wN------!
Man, I can hear just hear the theme song, playing in my head now.
Great detailing on Stu's eyes by the way.
Again, I agree with the review before me. I don't necessarily "get it" but your artwork is spec-freakin-tacular, Man!

...............Take care, be good and eat Pickles.period

Soap MacTavish: &amp;quot;Don't let go&amp;quot; Soap MacTavish: "Don't let go"

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Ah, Cap'n McT!

Great job, MMP----------! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
I had guessed who it was right before I read it too, Man. So kudos to you.
Fabulous sketch, even better game and a good man.
What else COULD you ask for?